The Golden Galz Throw Mama OFF the Guest List

By Fantastical Theatricals (other events)

4 Dates Through Jul 12, 2015

The Galz have finally figured out how to keep Sophie from running away from Murky Firs Retirement Home: They bought the place and moved in with a view to changing the place from a retirement home to a senior's resort spa! But Dorothea takes on one more long term resident- Velma "Mama" Hopper from Haytown USA!
Before she's even settled in Mama Hopper is causing trouble, sparring with Sophie and writing a bad review on YELP! about the resort, much to the chagrin of Dorothea. Quickly things get worse when Mama Hopper insists she's seeing DEAD PEOPLE! What's going on here?

Fantastical Theatricals is just giddy to be bringing this hysterical whodunit to The Chop House!
Admission $15.00 plus menu ordering.

Special Early purchase pricing through June 19 - $10.00 plus menu ordering

Your seats are reserved for 6:30PM for the Satuday shows and at 5:00PM for the Sunday shows..

At that time, we will show you to your seats and your server will take your dinner order. You may see some familiar characters in the dining room before the show begins.

An hour and a half after seating starts, the play will begin around you, right there in the dining room and the audience will have the opportunity to help solve the murder as well as become part of the show! (That is, IF you want to, we won't make you!)

About halfway through the play, we'll take a break so that your servers can make sure you have everything you need! (A reasonable server's gratuity will be added to your check for your convenience.)

Admission $15.00 plus menu ordering
Special Early purchase pricing through June 19 - $10.00 plus menu ordering

For more information call 859-412-1792
Regrettably, due to very limited seating, admission is non-refundable..